To provide you and your family with trusted around-the-clock care, we are pleased to offer you after hours consultations with our trusted doctors. To ensure the highest quality in continuity of care, the After Hours doctor will hand your care back to your usual GP at the clinic after the consultation.

After Hours doctors can provide advice, diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions for a range of conditions, including fever, vomiting, dehydration, cold and flu, pain, and infections. They can provide medical certificates.  If you need a script, they can send it to you as an electronic prescription (if available in your region) or directly to your choice of pharmacy.

Call 03 9704 6812 to book your appointment with our After Hours coordinator. Our doctor will contact you at an appointment time of your choice, generally within 1 hour.
Our After Hours service should not be used in emergencies or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. If you require emergency assistance, call 000 for immediate help.